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Feeling the first hint of summer after a long

winter, the touch of sunshine on my arms

listening to birdsong as I pull weeds, hump

compost, preparing a new garden


Work complete, I rest on the balcony and savour the

sweet reward of a local orange, juice dripping

on the ferns below. Above, kereru flap noisily

between the puriri trees


Surprising my grandchildren with a visit, I laugh as little Alex

drops in mock faint, baby Zara beams recognition

Family: invitations, passports and luggage, poolside cocktails, smorgasbord breakfasts, hibiscus and mud bath antics


Then, captured by a full moon in apogee,  hanging

huge and low and orange over the indigo Bay

I open a proof copy of my book, awed by its

newness and startled by its familiarity


As the sun breaches Mauo, fingers of light cross

the harbour and tui sing waiata

I acknowledge my spirit and soul, mind and body,

thankful for the love and protection that sustains me.

Mindfulness won first prize at the 2016 Powertalk writing competitions


A full moon in apogee - or blood moon



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