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Dedicated to Zara aged 5 today

Yep, it's a special birthday and I had the privilege of reading the book I've written for 3-6 year olds to Zara's daycare friends right on the day. It's the first time I've tried out Three Little Wax-eyes on the demographic, who were using their best 'listening ears'.

I'm dressed up in an Indonesian outfit and a wig designed to hold attention. Zara chose to wear her rainbow dress that day. I guess she feels like a princess. (The tiara is saved for special occasions.)

When I reached the part of the story when the chicks have decided flying would be fun - and then discover they don't know how to land, the dear little ones wore concerned looks on their faces. Would they have to stay up forever? Would a parachute be useful? a girl suggested. Lateral thinking!

The older ones wanted to colour in the bird template any colour they wanted.

The book will be officially launched in Tauranga at the Papamoa Library on November 28 although it's already available at the Garden and Art Festival being held in the Western Bay of Plenty this weekend. I'm with the Tauranga Society of Art as I'm an artist but not much of an illustrator. My friend Carolyn Watts of Gallery 61 in Beachlands, Auckland, did the wonderful paintings.

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