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House Sitting Adventures In New Zealand – Pet Disaster

I’m into my fourth day house sitting and had my first pet care disaster last night. One of the cats ate the goldfish! Both of them! Not even all of them, merely had a nibble and discarded the little bodies on the carpet! Horror! Will myself or Slinky Malinki be held responsible? Here’s the culprit –

Slinky Malinki is the perp. He fished the goldfish out of their home and callously abandoned them!

Empty! My heart did a small blip when I discovered the sorry sight of the goldfish bowl this morning, a puddle of water on the coffee table ….. and two little pathetic fish bodies on the floor. I’ve spared you the sight of that.

Luckily the owners are understanding, and referred to the cat as That Swine.

I’m doing a short-term house sit for Christmas for 7 days. I don’t like jobs this short – it’s too hard moving everything that often, but that’s how it happened this time. The Kapiti Coast is near Wellington, 45 minutes by train. However, the up-side is that it’s like being on holiday. I’m about 20 steps from the beach, a sandy safe beach looking out towards Kapiti Island brooding not far offshore.

Kapiti Island from the top of the Paekakariki Hill road. You can see a long way up the coast northwards.

The Kapiti Coast from the Paekakariki Hill road. In the Maori language, kakariki means green and is also a bird, a native parakeet with bright feathers.

I also have other charges to feed – two black bunnies. I pick dandelion heads and clover flowers for them and they love broccoli leaves.

The house is full or art works – paintings, ceramics, art books and outside is the garden art of wood, ceramics, sculptures, a landscaped section with a thriving organic vegetable garden plot.

Art in the front entrance

I’m trying my first effort to get a Google map in. Let’s see if it works:


Have you any house sitting stories to tell? Let’s begin a new conversation….

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