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Launching a book into the world

It's a big deal, sending your baby out into the real world. It's exciting and scarey and expensive. Wiremu Weka Treks the Alps is my third self-publication. Why did I write it? Because I crossed Arthur's Pass many times when I lived in the South Island. I experienced my hero's adventures - it was my sandal a weka stole at Lake Brunner. I wrote a story about it and it won an international prize. I was inspired to write more for children and it became Chapter 2 in the book. As an educator I could make it fun to read about our world-famous SH73 through Arthur's Pass, the native wildlife, geographical formations, history and Maori culture. I took most of the photos, helped with the map and did the painting on the inside back cover.

The book fits within the school science curriculum. I've created activities for children based on the book in Teacher's Resources in my website. Our city library in Tauranga is hosting a launching event.

We're going to have iced cookies with cocoa bird footprints on each. And a stuffed pukeko and stoat to watch over things. (It's very difficult to get a mounted weka - they're a protected native bird). I'll read the prizewinning chapter and the kids can do a fun exercise while the adults chat.

Many thanks to the Tauranga Library for their assistance and lovely poster.

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