Living in the moment in the orchard

Avocado tree being injected with fungicide. Taken in the orchard near Katikati.

I take Ebony the standard poodle walking twice daily in the orchard next door. At first I wondered “How can I do this for 3 months and not get bored?” There’s only one way I know – keep your thoughts in the present and be aware of everything around you. So I observe things in the avocado orchard and to my surprise, there’s something new each day.

I got so excited that I wanted to tell people and this blog was born. Slowly  – and I’m still learning so excuse mess ups. I welcome assistance how to load things on and do widgets, tags etc.

Yesterday in the orchard I found  a nice young Italian man. See what I mean about surprises? Not only that, but he was injecting trees! The horticulturist in me was amazed. How do you do that?

Pieter rolled himself a fag and in reasonable English said,”First I apologize to the tree,” and he patted a broad smooth branch, “then I drill holes in it and put this in.” He had a very large plastic syringe full of fungicide. “It’s systemic, like we have antibiotics that go through our system.” Near the base, the tree was ringed with clear syringes with yellow plungers. Pieter measures how many the tree needs by walking around the canopy diameter. I suppose x steps = y injections.

Ebony politely sat down waiting for us, eating an avocado she found. Dogs love them. Now I’ll try to insert a photo. Which didn’t go where I wanted it to even though I had the cursor there. Help!

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