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My New Home

I’ve moved from a cottage on a farm in Katikati to a brick refurbished 1961-design home in Central Tauranga. Quite a change for someone who likes the rural feel and energy, but times change, and we must change too or be left behind. If you’ve ever moved, you’ll know the frustration and confusion it creates. It took me a week to find the electric jug!

I’m also going flatting instead of living alone, with my friend and editor Jenny Argante. It’s working well although I’ve been away a lot helping family out and even to a wedding in Arrowtown in the middle of the muddle. You need an experienced editor? Jenny can help you out.

Farah, my lovely daughter-in-law, has created a vision map for my new career and life. She’s a Growth Manager in business and I can see why. She created the map with me while I cooked dinner for the family. Farah’s also been accepted for her first directorship role in a company. We’re so proud of her.

Free help – I’m so lucky to have the perfect people around me!

IMG_8996 (Edited)

Kinsa’s Vision Map by Farah Herbert

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