Starting Again

It’s been a while, dear blog. Since my last entry I’ve written a fiction story of 100,00 words, a first draft, to be read and critiqued by many so I can improve it. Then I’ll ask more Beta readers to  test it again. I’ve prepared my children’s chapter book for ages 7-10, written a covering note, found a possible publisher – and I’m too scared to send it in. This exposing oneself for public scrutiny by people who know more than me is scary.

I plan to pluck up courage soon. I’ll let you know when it happens. Maybe this blog will be enough to encourage me.

Meantime, to put you in the picture, I’m house sitting again in Katikati in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The property overlooks an avocado orchard. I can pick up any fruit that has fallen off the trees. As we had gale force winds last week, I’m inundated. I go for a walk, pick up the windfalls and give bags of them away to the community.