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Yesterday was 12.12.12 and to mark it we held a Celebration of Sound at Stonehenge Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand. It’s situated 1.5 hours drive from Wellington, the capital of NZ at the southernmost point of the North Island http://www.wellingtonnz.com/ The standing stones mark the configuration of the Southern stars, as the original in England marks the Northern stars.

It’s was out in the countryside, sheep dot the rolling green paddocks and the Rimutaka range backgrounds the henge. In a circle we stood to make sound, find our voice and connect with Mother Earth, the Galactic energy with ourselves. Any noise will do. There’s no language barrier. Eighteen of us sang, chanted, wailed, made funny noises with our throats and mouth, guttural and high, tried different sounds using our tongue and teeth and tools. We whooped and hollered, howled and hissed, hummed and huffed. It was such a release, letting out negativity.

The henge is made of huge blocks of concrete sprayed onto a hardboard exterior. They stand in a circle in the grass with an obelisk in the centre at the end of a short path. We put objects of power to us round the plaque by the obelisk. http://www.astronomynz.org.nz/stonehenge/

Stonehenge Aotearoa

The henge reverberated to the Sounds we made. A rooster in a nearby farmhouse was so stimulated he crowed the whole time we made sounds and stopped when we did!

Stonehenge – the equinox at sunset

Stonehenge Aotearoa and the Celebration of Sound to mark 12.12.12

Stonehenge Aotearoa and the Celebration of Sound to mark 12.12.12

The waves of sound will remain within us for several days. Afterwards, we visited the nearby haunted house, but only from afar so we didn’t disturb the energy generated by the experience. It’s just an abandoned house – but it does look the part! A farmer moved it there in the 1980’s in four sections but the family broke apart. He was left with four children to raise and manage the farm. There was no money left for the house, so he has left it to Nature’s devices.

The haunted house, Carterton

The haunted house, Carterton

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