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Wide open spaces

Celebration time! I’ve sold my house by the beach that I’ve owned for 25 years.

Now I have the wide open space of the rest of my life to decide what to do with. I have no idea where to live or how to create a supplementary income. What is my soul’s deepest desire? I ask myself. It’s bucket list time. I think I may need an open space around me for a while.

The past month I’ve travelled 4000 km around the North Island, admittedly half of it by air, but I’ve driven the rest. Here are some of the wide open spaces I’ve photographed;

Ohiwa Harbour. Fifty shades of grey today. Eastern Bay of Plenty

The Great Lake, Lake Taupo, central North Island

Mt Ruapehu from the Desert Road also in the central North Island of New Zealand on a high uplifted plateau

Mt Ngaruahoe, sister mountain, another live volcano next to Ruapehu. They both erupt regularly, along with the third sister, Mt Tongariro Pronounced Na-rua-ho-ee (Maori language)

Kaimai Ranges sunset, Western Bay of Plenty

This last is where I am right now, house sitting. Magic, isn’t it? The jagged saw-toothed ranges allow the crepuscular rays to show off their best effects.

Or should I be sensible and live in a small town near open spaces? Nearer the family in Auckland – but they lead busy lives. The decision is one many retirees face. What do you think?

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