Writing a book – The Challenge

Wow! I have to write 50,000 words in one month, 2000 a day if I want one day a week off. Research time is extra. It’s taking over my life and this is only Day 7. Any creativity for anything else is zapped by the energy the book is taking.

I’m at 12,000 words, one fifth of the way through I’ve just realised. My protagonist is currently in Queenstown, a 16-year old girl on her own in life. I have very little idea of what might happen to her. I need to create some strong male characters. I’m reading good writers every other minute so I can see how they do it and copy their technique.

I’ve set the story in the sixties and having fun looking at the sixties website for the fashions, the slang (which we still use a lot of) and the music. Suddenly up popped a video of Elvis singing ‘Return to Sender’. It was great. My mother, a classical singer herself, hated Elvis and consequently I saw very little of him. I’m listing all those old tunes for my characters to use and I can singalong with them ….so to speak.

I look out the window and see the Kaimai hills, the jagged outline I call the Dragons Teeth. I’ll post a photo.

The jagged outline of the Kaimais look like dragons teeth to me. Often there’s wonderful cloud and sun effects with rays streaming down on a portion of the range. Katikati looks out towards the hills, often dramatic in weather.

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