Writing my first love scene

It’s like being there! To set the scene for the reader you have to be there yourself. It’s living vicariously through your characters it seems. It wasn’t in the plan. My characters led me there, much to my surprise – a little innocent phrase by them and the author has to cope with a whole new ball game!

It’s erotic, living it all again!

Not only that, but my characters are doing one of the Great Walks of New Zealand – the Routeburn track. I’ve never done any of the walks but would love to. I never will physically because it’s too hard for my body, but I’ve discovered I can do it through my characters. The research has turned up some great websites: http://www.newzealand.com and http://www.ultimatehikes.com so through my story, I can do it in my head.

It’s amazing, being with them in the pristine air, towering mountains and sheer cliffs, tumbling waterfalls and jewel-like lakes.

I wonder what will come next?

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