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Learning something new isn't always easy. Sometimes we need help from others. This is the story of how three little chicks faced their fears with help from mum and dad.

A delightful rhyming story in Te Reo as well as English, accompanied by beautiful paintings and suggestions for activities for 3-6-year olds.

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Wiremu Weka, chasing his stolen treasures, sneaks aboard the famous TranzAlpine Express train, finding adventures as he crosses the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Trek along with this smart bird as he hangs out with the locals, steals stuff and saying 'Oh, bugs'n'beetles' as he gets himself into trouble yet again. Fast paced and humorous, this story for

8-13-year olds is lavishly illustrated with photographs, maps and facts to educate and  entertain. A quality publication that even adults will enjoy reading aloud.

Price $28.00 + $7.00 postage

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A review of Wiremu Weka Treks the Alps by Ann Graeme QSM

Oh bugs ‘n’ beetles! What a lot I’ve found out following Wiremu weka on his epic journey from Greymouth to Christchurch. Wiremu may be a flightless bird but he’s feisty. He moves fast and the story does too as he hitches rides, steals sandals and sandwiches, plunges into scary places and has heaps of lucky escapes.

   Along the way I’ve learned about the country Wiremu traverses, about its wildlife, geology, Maori and pakeha history, its tragedies and adventurers, its roads, rivers and railways and a great deal more. Facts can be stodgy, but the author keeps them neatly corralled in brief and punchy panels with maps and pictures, and it is all carried along by Wiremu’s story.

   This is an engrossing read for children – and for adults too. It might likely spark a family holiday, following in the footsteps of Wiremu Weka!


Ann Graeme was the much-loved children's page (KCC) writer for Forest and Bird magazine for twenty years.


Review from Good Teacher Magazine

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Time travelling from the spaces in between…


… means you don’t need a machine. You are the machine, or, rather, your soul is, and chooses its next destination. Where will it go and who will you be there?


Angelgate by Kinsa Hays explores some of these mysteries in this absorbing story of Hans and Colin, who’ve now forgotten that in the Space Between they agreed to a soul swap. Waking from unconsciousness they find themselves in each other’s body and in another era.


Sarah, who’s Muslim and family-minded, has been troubled by a message from the angels to contact and assist the two boys, complete strangers to her. How is she supposed to do this? How will Hans fit in with the poverty-stricken family he’s borrowed? And how will Colin cope with the vast differences between the war-torn world he’s left behind and the affluent, digital age of 2014?


Fortunately, Angel Mandiah is on hand to co-ordinate the interactions between Hans, Colin and Sarah., whose souls are in his charge. The intention is to help them evolve as defenders of Planet Earth.


In Angelgate, Kinsa Hays invites the reader to travel from the Space Between and the two worlds of 1941 and 2014 in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Allow yourself to be caught up in the adventures of Hans, Colin and Sarah, and the workings of the angelic world and find how past, present and future connect.


Though written with young adults in mind, Angelgate will engage grown-ups of all ages, too.


Kinsa’s previous writing includes Dr Peter’s Good Earth Magic and Wiremu Weka Treks the Alps, also New Zealand stories, both paperbacks.  Angelgate, from Bouncing Beans Press, is available online from Amazon as an eBook only*. A paperback edition will be available early next year.




What happens when the elves have the same problems with their animals and soil as farmers? They email a real soil doctor to meet them in an avocado orchard in Katikati. Doctor Peter (aka Dr Dirt) strikes a business deal with them so the dwarves must dig more local gold to pay for his earth science expertise even if they don’t know whether it will work. 

An enchanting example of Magical Realism for 8-13 year olds, this story will be enjoyed by adults reading it aloud. Soon to be available as an e-book from Amazon.

Soft cover chapter book A5 size 50 pages with black and white silhouette drawings

Price: $18 plus $5.50 postage.


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