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wiremu weka
treks the alps

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three little wax-eyes

Learning something new isn't always easy. Sometimes we need help from others. This is the story of how three little chicks faced their fears with help from mum and dad.

ISBN 9 780473 531539

$20.00 + $6.00 postage

Online banking 15-3973-0110365-10

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Doctor Peter's good earth magic

When Doctor Peter Lester, soil expert, gets an email from the elves asking for help to show humans how to re-balance their soil, what else could he do except go to Magic Toadstool Lane in Avocado Orchard #2012 in Katikati to find out.... A story of an elf in a sombrero, the human, a wicked magician who tries to upset the plans and dwarves who must dig up more gold from beneath Waihi to pay for it all. Black and white illustrations.

ISBN 9 780473 335922

$18 + $6.00 postage

Online banking 15-3973-0110365-10

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Wiremu Weka, chasing his stolen treasures, sneaks aboard the famous TranzAlpine express train, finding adventures as he crosses the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Trek along with this smart bird as he hangs out with the locals, steals stuff, saying 'Oh, bugs'n'beetles' as he gets himself into trouble yet again. 

Fast-paced and humorous, this story for 8-12-year olds is lavish;y illustrated with photographs, facts and maps to educate and entertain.

ISBN 9 780473 471279

$25.00 + $6.00 postage

Online banking 15-3973-0110365-10



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