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What's in a name? Kinsa's name story

What’s in a Name? Kinsa’s name story.

“Here’s a letter from Daddy in Egypt for us,” Emily called up to her mother.  Mrs Lewis came downstairs from the nursery. She missed her husband and silently cursed Monsieur de Lesseps and his Suez Canal under her breath for taking him away. “I wonder what Daddy’s doing now?”

Emily handed her mother the letter, postmarked 12th September 1868. Eagerly Mrs Lewis slit the envelope open, scanning the familiar writing of her beloved Eion.

“Read it aloud,” begged Emily, “Please.”


She too missed her big bear of a father who used to manage the coal mines in the valley of their rural Welsh town. He’d been asked to help oversee the huge construction force involved in the piercing of the Isthmus of Suez between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.




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