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Curriculum-led Activities for Children

Want to stimulate your students and develop enthusiasm for reading and writing?

I offer exciting activities for ages 8-12 based on my book Wiremu Weka Treks the Alps. A morning with me will get your class humming with drama and drawing, creating work that produces a desire to read and write.

I was truly thrilled when one teacher wrote to me following a morning session. Shelly Brown of Blockhouse Bay Primary school says, "The students absolutely loved their time with Kinsa. It was awesome for them to meet a real author that they could relate to so well. Since Kinsa's visit, my students have developed a real love of drama, and their writing skills have improved remarkably. Many have developed a love of storytelling, either through drama or writing."  Send me an email if you're interested.

How to draw a weka
Weka drawing it.jpg


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