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Byline 2019 and 2020 available for $20 each 

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BYLINE is an annual collection of short stories and poems selected, collated, edited and published by the writers in Tauranga Writers. The 2018 version will shortly be published on Amazon. My stories and poems are in each edition. You can read them in the Short Stories menu.


Show & Tell and Swordplay

A book orchestrated with the Tauranga Society of Arts.

Tauranga Writers provided an excerpt of a story or a poem and the selected artists created a painting from it. My offering was a fiction story. Read Swordplay below. Miriam's painting is below.


Miriam Ruberl converted my words into Sanskrit, pasted the 4 pages on a canvas, overpainted it with red ochre she makes from Rotorua's coloured soil, added real gold leaf then painted in black in one gesture, two sword shapes. (She actually did two paintings, a light and dark version).


The boy heard the clattering of hooves up the cobbled road, slipped unseen around the corner of a dark alley. He knew that some of the Council of Lords were attending the play. Word had got around that trouble had been arranged, something to do with a swordsman. He wanted to see the fight, if it was going to happen, but to keep out of trouble at the same time.

In the narrow street, people flattened against the stone walls of the city buildings as six fine horses approached, harnesses jingling. The horses coats shone, displaying the livery of each noble’s house. Read more...


A People's History of the Bay of Plenty

In 2017, the public of the Western Bay of Plenty were invited to submit stories of a snapshot of life in the region.From history to housing, school to surfing their anecdotes make fascinating reading of what it's been like to live here. Over one hundred stories were collated, edited and published by the members of Tauranga Writers.

Each author has their name on the front cover. A GREAT GIFT and memory record to treasure.

Tauranga Writers Inc.

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Tauranga Writers is New Zealand's longest running self-help writing group. In 2017 they celebrated their 50th birthday which among other events, produced books that involved other sectors of the community. Their motto is 'Getting you published'. They meet the first Thursday of the month for a work-in-progress discussion, providing critiques, encouragement and contacts to other members, 7-9 pm at The Lounge, Wesley Church, 100 Thirteenth Street, Tauranga. They also meet the third Sunday of the month for the Sunday Focus meeting where a speaker shares their knowledge, skills and achievements. Open to the public, 2-4 pm $10 entry, refreshments provided at the Greerton library meeting room.

If you want help in your writing or to get published, this group can help you transform your wishes into reality. Several editors within the group can provide expert services and advice. I have found this friendly group invaluable and exciting to be part of with new opportunities coming my way from the contacts and friends I've made.



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