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Mount Maunganui/Mouau
400x 400


Mt Maunganui.jpg

New World
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 760 x 650mm



Spirit of the Beach
Mixed media
Gold frame
900cm x 60cm


Spirit of the beach.jpg
Ohiwa Beach and Spit.jpg

Ohiwa Beach and Spit
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 760 x 380mm
Price: $380



My panel at the Original Art Exhibition April 2022

My panel at exhibtion.jpg
Me at Exhibition.jpg

Me at Tauranga Society of Arts Exhibition April 2022
With Seasons mags to give away, children's books and cards to sell



In your Dreams
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 550 x 780mm
Price: $400


Ohiwa Harbour.jpg

Ohiwa Harbour + Oystercatchers
Medium: collage
Size: 450x350mm square



The Road Home
Medium: Oil, palette knife
Size: 640 x 390mm
Price: $295


Crepuscular rays Kaimai.jpg

Crepuscular Rays, Kaimais
Medium: acrylic and encaustic wax
Size: 450x350mm square
Stylised magic, from the front window at Aongatete


Kihikihi, Waikato farms
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 400x300mm
Price: $280
Painted en plein air from the lounge
and front terrace where I was house sitting.

Aro Street.jpg

Aro Street, Wellington
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 400 x 500
Price:  $480 
Painted when I was house sitting in a half house on the street... I also house sat the purple house which has won an award for its lush interior in period. The painting is actually more square than the photo image


Chasm Creek, Seddonville, Northern Buller
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 610 x 460mm
Price: $250
Painted en plein air.  Can you find four faces? I walked along the timber train tracks lugging all my gear for this view of the cormorants nesting above the river.


Chasm creek.jpg
Storm coming.jpg

Storm coming, Ohiwa
Medium: acrylic
Size: 300x300mm square
This started out as sandbanks in Ohiwa Harbour and morphed into a storm. Some pallet knife work in trees.


Fishing Time, Great Lake Taupo
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 760x380mm
Price $420
Painted en plein air from a hillside in Omori. Friends lent me their bach for the 3 early mornings it took to get the light consistent.


Fly high.jpg

Flying High @ Horowhenua
Medium: acrylic
Size: 760x500mm
The long sweep of Waikawa Beach in the Horowhenua is actually a road with speed limit signs.


Jack's Bay, Southland
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 570x470mm
Price: $450
Painted on the hillside with tourists passing on their way to see Jack's Blowhole. I watched a hoiho, a yellow-eyed penguin strut up the far end of the  beach after fishing to its nest.

Jacks Bay.jpg
bay View Napier sunrise.jpg

Sunrise, Bayview, Napier
Medium: acrylic
Size: 400x350mm plus black frame
Price: $210
House sitting in a new 2-storey straw bale house filled with origional art and a library, I painted this from my bedroom window after meditating on the Steiner colour palette


Medium: mixed
Size: 500x 600mm 
Price: $320
The experimental background needed a focus so I added the lotus on a slightly raised ground when Covid-19 seemed to loom over us. It's a touch-y painting.


Spirit of the beach.jpg

Spirit of the Beach
Medium: mixed
Size: 900x 600mm
Price $650
Accepted in the Molly Morpeth Canaday exhibition 2004
Frame gold Apologies for frame pic
My home beach and view for nearly 20 years. The gold sand (2 shades) is from Kaiteriteri, the black sand from Piha and the silver-grey sand locally.

Port Nicholson, Wellington Harbour
Medium: acrylic, en plein air
Size: 710mmw x 560mmh x 40mm d 
Price: $420
House sitting over Christmas at Hataitai. The easel was propped up on the front lawn with the canvas all day - windless!

Port Nicholson.jpg

Autumnal Arrowtown
Medium: acrylic, en plein air
Size: 410mm x 460mm 
Price: $295
A joy to paint the changing colours from the porch with the Arrow River running through this abstracted view.

Bryans Beach, Ohiwa, Eastern Bay of Plenty
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 630cm w x 470cm           
Price: $330
I lived here for nearly 20 years. 30 people on the beach was a crowd. the dark patches on the sea was algal bloom.

Bryan's Beach.jpg

Tauranga Moana
Medium: acrylic, en plein air
Size: 400x490mm
Price: $190
Frame plain white.
A group of artists were offered a chance to paint from this property. the patterns of hedges on the hillside drew me to record them. Mount Maunganui is in the distance.



Waipuna River Estuary
Medium: acrylic
Size: 600x500mm
Price: $350

Waipuna River Estuary.jpg

Waipa patterns, Waikato paddocks 
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 400 x 300mm
Price: $300
From a bird's-eye viewpoint, farms separate Maungatautari with 3 volcanoes, Mt Pirongia and the peat Lake Ngaroto  centre.

Inland Kaikouras II
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 700 x 450mm
Price: $400
Having house sat in Clarence with views like this,, I painted this commission then painted it again for my own memories but in a  looser style.

Inland Kaikouras II.jpg

Watch fires in the Sky (James K Baxter)
Medium: Mixed media 
Size: 380 x 700mm
Price:  $420 - 

Kaimai-Mamaku Range
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 760 x 380mm
Price: $250
From the front windows of my long-term house sit, I loved the jagged peaks of the skyline and painted it many times.


My art philosophy

I began painting in 1999 at night school near Whakatane and passed School Certificate as a mature student. In 2000 I passed Bursary. Living in Opotiki, I had a succession of tutors in watercolour, oils and in a range of styles.


I became secretary of the Opotiki Art Society and was responsible for raising $200,000 for the restoration of their historic hall, built in 1898. We put on exhibitions throughout the restoration, learning how to display our work to best advantage. I was accepted for the Molly Morpeth exhibition, had my own studio at Bryans Beach and designed labels for my preserves in my boutique business, Kinsa’s Kitchen.


From 2007 – 2015 while travelling around New Zealand, I painted en plein air in wonderful locations using acrylic paints. These works are gradually coming to light since I settled in the western Bay of Plenty. 


I like to read, listen to classical music, walk in Nature, explore new places and spend time with my family in Auckland.


Nikau @ Nikau, Buller
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 760 x 380mm
Price: $250

The narrow strip of land between the hills and the sea is home for tough animals. Several Highland cattle peered over a flimsy barrier watching me paint.. The first painting I did of this I donated to the newly-opened medical rooms which served the whole coast at Ngakawau-Hector where I was house sitting.



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