Art Gallery

Port Nicholson, Wellington Harbour
Medium: acrylic, en plein air
Size: 710mmw x 560mmh x 40mm d 
Price: $420

Port Nicholson.jpg

Autumnal Arrowtown
Medium: acrylic, en plein air
Size: 410mm w x 460mm h x 2cm d
Price: $295

Bryans Beach
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 630cm w x 470cm           
Price: $330

Bryan's Beach.jpg

Tauranga Moana
Medium: acrylic, en plein air
Size: 400x490mm
Frame plain white
Price: $190

Waipuna River Estuary
Medium: acrylic
Size: 600x500mm
Price: $350

Waipuna River Estuary.jpg

Waipa patterns
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 400 x 300mm
Price: $300

Inland Kaikouras II
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 700 x 450mm
Price: $400

Inland Kaikouras II.jpg

Watch fires in the Sky (James K Baxter)
Medium: Mixed media 
Size: 380 x 700mm
Price:  $420 - SOLD

Kaimai-Mamaku Range
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 760 x 380mm
Price: $250


Nikau @ Nikau, Buller
Medium: Acrylic 
Size: 760 x 380mm
Price: $250


My art philosophy

I began painting in 1999 at night school near Whakatane and passed School Certificate as a mature student. In 2000 I passed Bursary. Living in Opotiki, I had a succession of tutors in watercolour, oils and in a range of styles.


I became secretary of the Opotiki Art Society and was responsible for raising $200,000 for the restoration of their historic hall, built in 1898. We put on exhibitions throughout the restoration, learning how to display our work to best advantage. I was accepted for the Molly Morpeth exhibition, had my own studio at Bryans Beach and designed labels for my preserves in my boutique business, Kinsa’s Kitchen.


From 2007 – 2015 while travelling around New Zealand, I painted en plein air in wonderful locations using acrylic paints. These works are gradually coming to light since I settled in the western Bay of Plenty. I joined the Katikati Art Group and Tauranga Society of Arts, Tauranga Writers and Powertalk in Matamata to polish my art, writing, speaking and leadership skills.


I like to read, listen to classical music, walk in Nature, explore new places and spend time with my family in Auckland.