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Family connections - grandson Alex with a harvest of beans and the first tomatoes. Then I taught him post-harvest procedures, how to take the field heat from the produce and chill it in a used plastic bread bag.

Grand daughter Zara aged 4 worn out with the holiday late nights. She fell asleep while waiting for mum to return.

Priceless photo - the neighbour's cat showering

under the sprinkler. Holly stayed there for ten minutes

cleaning herself while we watched, entranced.

Alex outside Gordon Harris, the art supplies shop in Newmarket, Auckland. Part of this wall painting of Cass railway station made famous by New Zealand artist Rita Angus. Cass is on Arthur's Pass, Route 73 across the Southern Alps. In my book Wiremu Weka Treks the Alps, which I dedicated to Alex, Wiremu spends a night sleeping in this iconic station, still there just like the painting.

With guests from the Maldives, we had a wonderful barbecue at Cornwall Park, Auckland, the gas-fired barbecues were free, the evening was warm and cloudless, the park has plenty of space for all the families enjoying it and the setting and established trees unmatched.

I hope all my readers also made happy connections during the Christmas holiday break. I wish you all a Happy New Year and exciting things to look forward to. Bring it on!

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