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My environmental poems

Beach Rhythms at Mount Maunganui at 5pm

The way ranks of clouds saunter across the sky

The way sand ripples reflect dark shadows

onto gleaming white

The way four legs of walkers step in unison

The way each surf wave rises and descends with a thud

The way I listen for the silence between

The way my heart beats in the warmth of the sun,

Holding all in my awareness.

Kinsa Hays 19 October 2015


This poem won First in the PowerTalk NZ writing competition 2016


Feeling the first hint of summer after a long

winter, the touch of sunshine on my arms

Listening to birdsong as I pull weeds, hump

compost, preparing a new garden

Work complete, I rest on the balcony and savour the

sweet reward of a local orange, juice dripping

on the ferns below. Above, kereru flap noisily

between the puriri trees

Surprising my grandchildren with a visit, I laugh as little Alex

drops in mock faint, baby Zara beams recognition

Family: invitations, passports and luggage, poolside cocktails,

smorgasbord breakfasts, hibiscus and mud bath antics

Then, captured by a full moon in apogee,  hanging

huge and low and orange over the indigo Bay

I open a proof copy of my book, awed by its

newness and startled by its familiarity

As the sun breaches Mauo, fingers of light cross

the harbour and tui sing waiata

I acknowledge my spirit and soul, mind and body,

thankful for the love and protection that sustains me.

(Mauo is the Maori name for Mount Maunganui, aka The Mount)

red moon during night time

Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Moon in apogee (closest to earth that it gets)

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